STEPS is a non-profit organisation that develops communication projects to give a voice to marginalised and disadvantaged communities. Our aim is to use socially relevant documentary film to stimulate interest, educate, campaign and empower. To achieve this, we have developed our own methodology of facilitated screenings which are planned and implemented to reach specifically targeted audiences. In order to run these sessions to best effect, appropriate facilitators are specifically trained to stimulate discussion around the chosen film material, and to identify issues that are within reach for responsive action. STEPS also collaborates with independent filmmakers in the production of relevant material, and the training of young, aspirant filmmakers.


This is a time of fragmented media. STEPS combines broadcast television with new media and other forms of distribution to:

    • Reach audiences
    • Expose the best work
    • Get people discussing common issues

We believe that without such innovations, serious work cannot achieve more than a niche status. Because of our roots in broadcast television and outreach programmes, and our investment in new media – we are capable of achieving this goal.


    • STEPS provides a new approach allowing millions of people throughout the world to gain access to the best of contemporary documentary films and journalism.
    • STEPS works by facilitating – putting people and projects together, finding money for them, and creating global distribution and debate.
    • STEPS films are made within a tradition of impartiality thatallows the expression of many voices.
    • STEPS is dedicated to quality. It stands for the most rigorous standards of factual investigation.
    • STEPS enables local and global conversations around the most important topics of our times.
    • STEPS is a non-profit making organisation.
    • STEPS has a unique capability of organising international communication projects on a global scale because of its combination of skills and contacts in the field of contemporary public interest media.